Alistair Farquhar ‘Sandy‘ MacRae - The Hidden Gem by Abel Prasad

Hidden Gem

So many people come and go from your life and its these people who shape who you are.

I’ve had the joys of meeting some amazing people from Don Dunstan to Frank Bainimarama.

But the person who really changed my thinking was a older man who isn’t know by everybody.

Who is Alistair Farquhar 'Sandy' MacRae?

Alistair Farquhar ‘Sandy’ MacRae. BY reputation, Alistair Farquhar MacRae rates as Australia’s worst serial killer. He is alleged to have been involved in 20 murders and disappearances over the years. He is alleged to have been a hitman for hire by numerous Sydney and Melbourne underworld figures.

I got to know Sandy very well and the newspaper articles about him and the rumours are just that.  Back in the day he might have been a criminal but if you look at him now he is a changed man.

Leave the life of crime

Today he is a man of God and is a prisoner listener, his job is to help people and understand their problems in the jail.  He spends countless hours helping and counselling prisoners so they do not reoffend.

With the little money he makes in the jail he continues to support other prisoners by helping them get off their drug addiction.

He has been sentenced for a crime and he has learnt from his mistakes.

People like this need our help and support. They are the ones who are helping people leave the life of crime.

God bless you Sandy.