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7 Days Lockdown July 2021

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Guys, it’s 7 Days lockdown, what do we have to do?

Stay positive, Sanitize, stay at home if you can only go out for essential services.

Now, what does that mean for Hobby Home and Garden, we supplies so many farmers wineries across Australia that our warehouse is still open, but is closed to the public.

We are classified as essential because we help agricultural sector, by sending out fertilizers nutrients hosing everything that helps them run their businesses.

Our warehouse will be open, you can still jump online purchase anything from our website and we will ship it out, but keep in mind, our clicking click is now stopped our retail shops closed, these seven days are crucial.

So guys stay at home, don’t do anything that you don’t have to do only head out for essential stuff, don’t stockpile yourself with toilet paper, be nice to one another, that’s all we ask for guys.

Have an awesome seven day lockdown I know it sounds bad but have it, relaxed and recharge. If you’re working from home, thank you for your service.

For all the first responders. Thank you for everything you’re doing right now, guys, we’re all in it together. Let’s hurry up. Let’s get this over and done with.

We’ll see you in seven days hopefully.

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