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How hashtags can help you market your business on social media

So something that I wanted to talk about, there’s been a lot of talk about hashtags with Instagram. It actually works and now as a small business, it’s always hard to be seen when we don’t have big budgets to sponsor posts and to see what’s going on, so we looked at hashtags and if they actually work.

And yeah, they do work! We’ve seen that hashtags have increased our followers. It allows people to follow a hashtag and see us in their feed if we have those common hashtags coming up all the time. We’re seeing more and more likes, we’re seeing more engagement because we are using certain hashtags which will relate to our field like, interior design, home decor, gardening the more and more times we use those hashtags.

We found it better for us so by using the right Instagram hashtags it does help to extend our reach it helps us to engage with our audience it boosts our brand and it does actually help with the Instagram algorithm so we’re constantly being shown. I guess i’m very mystified about how the hashtags actually work and that’s why we’ve used pitstop marketing to help us with those hashtags and they’re a great friend of ours and they really have started giving me general advice as mentors.

So let’s talk about how hashtags on Instagram actually works

So it’s really important to put relevant hashtags with your branding so for us we use garden, like I said home decor decor so that we start increasing our brand awareness. We’re finding more and more people are starting to follow those hashtags because they’re like “oh cool there’s other companies out there” that have these hashtags as well what we also do is we also use a unique branding hashtags for ourselves. So it could be a hobby home and garden so that when you click on that anything that we’ve put up there will flow through which has been really interesting because we’re finding people are actually following our unique brand hashtag which is great because it means they’re always in the loop on special ideals new stock new products or just a little bit of fun that we have every now and again so some of the other ones that we’re finding works really well for us for reels.

For instance hashtag reels or hashtag real videos or hashtag reels instagram we’re finding more and more people are clicking on those and you know what our reels are becoming seen more and more another thing we also do is fyp “for your page” so a lot more people are clicking on those and they just bring more and more customers through those branded hashtags hobby home and garden for us has worked really well.

We’re seeing more and more people following that which is great, and location based hashtag so if we’re doing a nationwide sale we’ll do hashtag Australia so anyone who looks at Australia will see our nationwide sale. If we’re doing a local sale hashtag Norwood , Adelaide and South Australia so they know that it’s in the local area we find that hashtags are very important in our social media um building framework

The thing that’s most important we’re not about for having more people follow us it’s about getting wholesome followers people who actually want to look at our brand and want to buy.

I hope i’ve sort of helped you understand that hashtag i’m not a hashtag expert i’m not a social media expert. I’m just someone who’s giving a young entrepreneurs my thoughts into social media instagram hashtags. Probably something i’ll be doing more and more as I learn because i think it’s really important as a business owner to share what we’ve learned so that you guys understand and that we can work together to build a great business for everyone.

Guys have an awesome weekend, this is Abel Prasad signing out see you later!

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