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Home Furniture and much more at Hobby Home and Garden

Hey guys Abel Prasad here from Hobby Home and Garden just a quick little update.

We were asked to talk about our huge range of new furniture online. So with our home furniture, all of our home furniture is only available to be bought online, we do this for a few reasons; one because it reduces the cost, so we can get a product out to you quicker and sooner and we ship it our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our Online Furniture Store

Some of the awesome things that you’ll see online at the moment is our rocking chairs they’re starting at six hundred dollars perfect for anyone who’s had a newborn baby. We’re seeing more and more people jump online and purchase those rocking chairs. Our grandparents have been jumping online they buy them they send it to their children who have just had kids and they’re loving it we’ve got one at home.

It was so easy to install, I don’t have any children living with me at the moment but we just wanted to buy one for the kitchen, for the living room area in saying that we also have some great storage ottomans, everyday dining chairs.

Some stools have just arrived so that’s pretty cool, I will put some links up and we’ve got some beautiful butterfly chairs.

Hobby Home And Garden Furniture

Remember when you shop online with us you can also Afterpay and zippay perfect for everyone who needs a little financial help at the moment. We’re also putting in a new area called fitness and yoga we should have some products up there tomorrow and if you jump online you’ll see our skincare range perfect for father’s day as well we’ve got some pretty cool father’s day skincare guys thanks for being awesome have an awesome day speak to you soon you.

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