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Weed Control & Lawn Care – Hobby Home and Garden

Hi Guys Abel Prasad here from Hobby Home and Garden.

So I was walking through the warehouse and i’ve noticed we’ve got quite a bit of weed killers so i thought why don’t we do a special , 50% off on all weed killers this weekend only.

Now, there are a lot of brands out there, You’ve got your Yates you’ve got your home brand and you’ve got brunnings

Why do we support Brunnings?

It’s because they are an Australian business, they support small businesses like us and help us to help our customers. Now there’s a few ones that we use at our place. First one is the pathway to, perfect for if you’ve got uh paving and you’ve got those pesky little weeds coming up give it a spray

So we’re doing that at 7.50 AUD and you’ve got your uh concentrated weed kill that will actually go straight down to the roots. It takes a bit more days to go through but these fast action weed killer by Brunnings that will kill it within 24 hours guys or you’ve got the one hour if you really need to get it done quickly they also have one hour weed kill.

All of these are about 7.50 aud so pop in & see us and we’ll look after you.

Also this weekend guy, all our soils have to go we’ve got new stock coming in. New brands coming in get rid of all the old ones make us an offer take it let’s get it out.

We’ll speak to you soon

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